Thrifty Summer Fun
Five Activities Anyone Can Afford

Leisure Pursuits

senior-couple-studying-map-outdoorsSummer is coming. For most that means longer nights, warmer days, and more time with friends and family. While there are an endless variety of summertime activities to enjoy, many of them can cost a sizable amount of money. To counter that, here are five inexpensive summer activities you can do with your friends and loved ones (or maybe even on your own).

1. Map Your Neighborhood

How much do you really know about where you live? Try exploring and mapping out unfamiliar parts of your neighborhood and/or city. This may be particularly fun for parents and grandparents of younger kids. For example, try making a list of the local parks, visit each of them, and make a list of fun things to do at each location. For a more adult-focused goal, list restaurants, grocery stores, and other venues you haven’t been to and try something new. You may find your new favorite hangout!

2. Fish for Dinner

father-and-child-fishingThis is simple: go fishing! Fishing can be a relatively cost-effective hobby. Sure, some rods, reels, and other equipment will be an expense if you’re just getting started, but it’s possible to purchase everything you need without breaking the bank. To make your time more interesting, force yourself to catch your dinner. Will you enjoy a catch-of-the-day feast, or will you be happy that you brought along some sides? If there are multiple fishing holes where you live, try a new one the next time you go. Don’t forget to check with your state government to see if you need to get a fishing license first.

3. Take in Some Culture

Many cities offer a variety of summer science, arts, and culture programs. Take in some Shakespeare in the park. Learn pottery or take a few painting classes. Attend a poetry reading or try stargazing with a group. There are plenty of ways to both better your understanding of the world and enjoy a new activity with your summer free time. Reach out to your local park, theater, or cultural center to learn more about specific programs offered near where you live.

4. The Slowest Road Trip

Looking to get away? Pick a city not so far from you that would normally take less than a day to get to. Now plot out a few things to see on the way to your destination. Allow the trip that would normally take several hours to take several days as you experience the many sights, sounds, and potential adventures that you have normally passed by. Here’s a tip: pack snacks, picnic foods, and light activities (kites, footballs, etc.) to allow yourself to make the most of any moment with some impromptu fun.

5. Join a Club

If you like playing with others, join a summer league! This is great way to learn new sports and make new friends. While most may think of football, soccer, or baseball when they consider “joining a team,” there are plenty of other options. Bocce, Frisbee, Tai Chi, and Yoga are all examples of things you can learn with others. Find the activity that is the appropriate speed for you and have fun with people hoping to learn and grow as you are.

As with all things, consult your physician before trying any new physical activities. Invite friends to join you as you try something new and forge greater relationships as you learn more about yourself, others, and your surroundings. Have fun!