Tips for Traveling with Mobility Issues – Traveling made more feasible

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Traveling is a great way to discover different areas, cultures, and cuisines. When it comes to traveling with mobility issues, planning a trip can feel overwhelming; however, it just takes some planning in advance to set your travel concerns at ease.

Plan in Advance

Call your airline, bus, trains, and hotels ahead of time to discuss your special accommodations and figure out what amenities are offered. By calling ahead, you’re able to gain more information and be proactive about preventative issues that could occur.

Factors to consider and ask about when traveling by plane/train to meet your needs:

  • Reserve a seat ahead of time
  • Call and discuss handicapped accessibility of platforms
  • Request a seat close to the bathrooms
  • Ask about storage for any special equipment you may have

Questions to ask when finding a hotel to meet your needs:

  • How are the rooms set up?
  • Is the bathroom accommodating to prevent potential falls/slips?
  • What in-room guest services are offered?
  • What additional amenities will be provided to ensure your stay is as relaxing as possible?

Additionally, consider what special equipment you’ll need, the stamina and needs of your caregiver, and the accessibility of sites; planning these factors prior to your trip will help ensure easier travels.

Think about what amenities you have at home so you can find hotels that may also have similar accommodations to fit your needs. Understand that Non-ADA compliant rooms do not meet the ADA (American Disability Act) standards and are not handicapped accessible. Non-ADA compliant hotels may not understand full accessibility, so calling hotels ahead of time to discuss these key factors will help you avoid headaches.

Consider a Travel Company or Agency

You may want to consider working with a travel company or an agent specialized in helping customers with disabilities. they have years of experience and can help ease and expedite the planning process with their knowledge of accessible locations and hotels. Companies and agents can make places that aren’t completely ADA compliant accessible for those who need access.

Think About Your Caregiver

Once you get to your destination, it is really easy to fall into the trap of trying to do too many things at once or not planning around when you have the most energy. Think about how much you will have to move to get to the sites and don’t hesitate to take a nap. Naps can be extremely useful in extending your busy days. Check out for general tips and how they made destinations possible.

Traveling with mobility issues can seem overwhelming when you think about all the factors at once; however, when you take the time to plan in advance, you’re able to accomplish one item of your checklist at a time and successfully plan your trip.


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