Upcycled Garden Ideas – Make Your Garden New With Something Old

Leisure Pursuits

hanging  multi plant system, using pots from recycled plastic milk containersFrom choosing what you want to grow to organizing the layout of your garden, gardening is a popular hobby for everyone to enjoy. Additionally, gardening is a great way to get in a cardio workout as well as a way to involve your children/grandchildren in this interactive hobby.

While gardening is a well-known activity, have you heard of “upcycling”? Upcycling adds a new, fresh element to your garden by transforming unwanted items into something useful or decorative. By upcycling, you’re able to beautify your garden without breaking your budget. Before you think about tossing something out, give these upcycled garden projects a try to turn an ordinary item into something extraordinary!

Ladder Garden

Old ladders can be unsafe to use, but they make great vertical gardens and add new heights to your yard.

Here are the items that you need to make a ladder garden:

  • An old ladder
  • Paint (whatever color you desire)
  • A paintbrush
  • Scrap wood paneling
  • Power drill
  • Plants
  1. Use a power drill to secure the scrap wood paneling into the formation of a drawer within the steps of the ladders.
  2. Paint the planter boxes and ladder with whatever paint color you prefer.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry.
  4. Place whatever plants you want in the planter boxes.
  5. Enjoy your new vertical garden!

Tire Planters

Tires can be inconvenient to get rid of, but there’s no need to get rid of them when you can use them as colorful upcycled planters.

Here are the items that you need to make a tire planter:

  • An old tire
  • Oil/shellac primer
  • High-quality acrylic exterior paint
  • Two paintbrushes
  • Your favorite flowers/non-edible plants
  1. Paint over your tires with an oil/shellac primer with one paintbrush.
  2. Let the primer dry.
  3. Paint over the tire with a high-quality acrylic exterior paint with the other paintbrush.
  4. Let the tire completely dry.
  5. Put your favorite flower/ non-edible plants inside the tire.
  6. Enjoy your new tire planter!

Brick Candle Decor

upcyled typewriter planterCreating a lighting outdoors doesn’t have to take a long time or material. Using a brick, candles, and matches, you’re able to have your garden shining brightly any night!

Here are the items that you need to make brick candle lighters:

  • Leftover bricks with slots/holes in them
  • Candles
  • Matches/lighter
  1. Take your brick, and put candles in the slots/holes of the brick. Depending on how many slots/holes your brick has will determine how many candles you need.
  2. Light your brick candles with your matches/lighter.
  3. Enjoy your new brick candle decor!