What Grandkids Love Most
Six grandchildren share what they appreciate the most when spending time with their grandparents.

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6135663_mGrandparents and grandchildren – it’s a love affair as old as time. But what do grandchildren value most about their relationship with their grandparents? Here, six grandchildren share their viewpoints.

What Grandmas Make

“Grandma’s recipe” and “grandma’s home cooking” are frequent refrains, so it’s not surprising that tasty food is one thing grandchildren value about their grandmothers.

“My grandma makes my breakfast, helps me with homework and gives me yummy snacks,” says 7-year-old Cole.

Aside from cooking, some grandmas also sew and make crafts – something their grandchildren value.

“My grandma sews fun things for me, like pillows, blankets and costumes,” Cole says.

His 10-year-old sister Ava adds, “We go to craft stores together to find things to make crafts, and she sews cool things for me. Both grandma and grandpa do fun stuff with me and my little brother.”

Time, Precious Time

Whether it’s time spent making things together, doing homework, learning something new or just hanging out and talking, grandchildren value being with their grandparents.14106796_m

“I love spending time with my grandma and just being with her. She is so nice to me and she loves me,” 9-year-old Max says.

“My grandma is so kind hearted and humorous!” Max’s 10-year-old sister Mia adds. “She is a blast to be around and I love her so much.”

“My grandma is a nice lady who I can trust,” Ava says. “She helps me with my homework. She does lots of little extra things for me and my brother.”

“I like hanging out with my grandma and grandpa,” Cole says of his Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bob, who live with them.

“What I love about my great grandma is that we get to talk together,” 8-year-old Ciera says. “She teaches me new things, plus she loves me and I love her.”

“I love spending time with my Grandpa Joe,” 14-year-old Emma says. “In the summer, I help him on the farm. He stands in the back of his Gator while I drive around the field. I look for Johnson grass next to the field, and he sprays the Johnson grass in the field. I really like spending that time with my Grandpa!”

What these six grandchildren reveal is that time together is the most important thing of all. It may not be that present or trip to an amusement park they remember most, but those conversations, laughs and learning.


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