When to Splurge
Wise splurges can bring you joy without breaking your budget.

Money Matters

30208753_mJust like a diet with no indulgences, a strict budget that doesn’t allow for occasional splurging won’t work well either. Explore when to spend and how to splurge wisely.

Mini Splurges

For many, treating yourself to that something special brings joy – at least temporarily. Because that joy doesn’t last, small, frequent and less expensive splurges are often a better bet than occasional expensive ones.

For example, rather than purchasing that new car with payments that will last for 10 years, buy a smaller item once a week, every other week or once a month.

Many people also find joy in great deals. Seeking out that sale or combining great holiday sales with special promotional coupons can help you get more bang for your buck and more splurges throughout the year.

Budget Busters

If you follow a strict budget, build in a little wiggle room in your discretionary budget for splurges, and then make sure not to go over this amount. Or if you know your next purchase will cost a bit more than usual, save up for a few months.

This technique allows you to enjoy an occasional and wise splurge with less guilt or regret.

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What you should allow yourself to splurge on depends on what brings you the most joy. Save your splurges for things you really love, and then savor them. If you love chocolate, and your purchase is a fine item from the chocolate shop, then take your time and enjoy it slowly with no distractions. If your splurge is a piece of sporting equipment, take your time to find the right item at the right price, and make sure it’s something you’ll really use to maximize your pleasure.

“I’m on a strict budget, but I occasionally splurge on books – especially poetry books,” says writer Sandra Giedeman. “It’s a weakness.”

New Yorker Lois Elfman doesn’t allow herself many splurges, but if she does, it’s shoes – not just because they’re fun or fashionable but because they help support your entire body. “If I do [splurge], it would be shoes,” she says. “I think shoes are so important to your well-being. It’s important your shoes be well made.”

Splurging can also be getting something special for someone you love. And some splurges are free – like taking the time to really enjoy a relaxing bath, a delicious homemade meal or time with friends.


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